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Tyra - 6 February 12:57

Chaud, j’adore son corps. Prends mon telephone et venir, passer des heures seul avec vous, mais l’un comme ennuyeux.

Matsumura - 4 January 10:17

Onze Égyptiens ont été condamné à mort dimanche pour leur participation aux émeutes dans un stade en à Port-Saïd, qui avaient provoqué la mort de 74 personnes.

Schaberg - 6 August 06:57

I have never seen tampons with applicators my wife doesn't use them and I also haven't seen them at all in stores here in Austria. I noticed them first whilst emergency tampon shopping with my wife in the UK. What are the benefits of those applicators? I mean, obviously it can be done without them and they add extra cost to the production and extra waste to be disposed. Is it a cultural thing, that some countries or regions think of the vulva as dirty and thus makes tampons so that you don't have to touch it?

Albu - 2 April 15:52

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Jeannine - 16 August 16:00

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Tashia - 7 April 21:49


Skolnik - 23 November 05:09

How about let's not worry about labeling ourselves and just be who we are. like really heteroflexible cisgender but also intersex not to be disrespectful but every label you come up with doesn't make you more unique and special. if you were born with a penis but want to wear dresses and sleep with men then go for it. if you were born with a vagina but want to play sports and sleep with women rock on. if you want to participate in stereotypical activities for your gender cool. jfc.

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